Is it time for you to slow down?


Is life busy because we make it busy? Or is it because we are now a society that feels we have to cram hundreds of tasks into just 24 hours?There was a time in my life that I felt like I was a mouse on a wheel. At the time my kids were small and I just felt like I was rushing ALL the time. In my mind I knew I had to slow down. I was missing out on just enjoying the kids and their little milestones as everything became a task of "getting it done". By the time they finally got to sleep I was so exhausted I wouldn't want to watch TV or read I would just lay down in bed and spend my last hour of "awake time" mindlessly scrolling through Social Media, but taking nothing in.Somehow the universe must've heard my desperate pleas to slow down and 5 years ago that's exactly what I did and I haven't looked back.Sometimes we try to do so much and wear so many hats that nothing we do is really done whole heartedly. We yearn for some "down time" and "me time" but we never seem to allow ourselves to have it. Our time is spent going through the motions but our mind is dreaming of an escape to a quieter, slower and more relaxing life.Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, then you really need to ask yourself "Is it time for me to slow down?"


A question that you should ask yourself is "What is the cost for me to slow down my life and make time to "Stop and smell the roses?" If it is financially feasible to cut back on your work hours and have an extra day or two to spend doing something for yourself or time with your family and friends. Then I say DO IT! If you are working hard to keep up with "The Jones'"then you have to ask yourself "is it really worth it?" You may be working your butt off to achieve a lifestyle that you have dreamt of, but in the meantime what are you missing out on?If you simply cannot afford to cut back on work, then it's time to find a way to gain more hours in your day. Can you work from home? Can you find something closer to home so that you don't have to commute so much. Can you pick an evening or two that you dedicate to yourself and your family when it's all about slowing down, getting off the devices and taking time to enjoy just being together.


This could be done in so many ways, going for a walk or a bike ride together. Having a dedicated night where everyone helps with the dinner and then you sit down and enjoy it as a family. It could just be as simple as getting out the "old fashioned" board games to play or a puzzle and spending the evening working on it together.


If you need "me time", then simple things like turning off your device or the TV and instead spend the time trying a new, or picking up an old "hobby". This could be hobbies like baking, knitting, drawing, woodwork, gardening? Even go for a swim, a walk, do some Yoga or meditate.Just give yourself PERMISSION to slow down."Slowing down" is such a liberating feeling, and once you start to do it you won't want to go back to the hectic lifestyle you once lived.


Don't get me wrong, sometimes my days are manic as I run from one after school activity to another. Or I bark orders like an army sergeant as I race out the front door rushing to get my kids to school before I am late for work. But overall my life has slowed down to a pace that is nowhere near as hectic as it used to be. (Now the " crazy" is in small manageable bursts).As the years tick by and my once little babies are suddenly already mid way through primary school. I have come to realize how "fleeting" life is. I don't want to look back in old age and remember my life as some crazed person trying to fit so much into it that I forgot to really stop and savour those special moments and times in my life. I want to look back at my life and have fond memories of all of the amazing times I have had because I gave myself Permission to Slow Down.


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