Sunday Sews - Sewing Scrunchies



I remember when I was young all I wanted to do was to sew.  Eventually my parents bought me a second hand sewing machine from my school when they were up grading to new machines.  I was so happy to at last have my very own sewing machine and my mind was racing with so many sewing ideas of things I was going to make.One of the first things I made were scrunchies. It was the late 80's and scrunchies were all the rage.  They were so quick and simple to make that in a few hours I could sew up a bundle of scrunchies for all of my friends and family.Fast forward to 2019 and the scrunchie craze has definitely returned.  This is fantastic news for kids, especially beginner sewers as scrunchies can be made with ease and in little time.  If your child is wanting to learn sewing, then scrunchie making is the perfect project to introduce them to the craft.  They are so easy to make and therefore they are perfect for building a child's confidence with the sewing machine. It will also build a great sense of accomplishment as they parade around in their handmade scrunchies proudly letting everyone know that they made it themselves.Clara loves making scrunchies and can spend quite a few hours working away on this little project. It is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday and it is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness.



  • Fabric piece cut 12cm wide by 55cm long
  • 7mm wide elastic cut to 25cm in length
  • 2 x safety pins
  • 1 x chop stick (if you require assistance to turn the fabric through)
  • Thread  of your choice threaded through the machine
  • Pins (we used pearl head pins)


  1. Fold the width of the fabric in half (with the right sides facing together) and pin along the length of the fabric to keep it in place. 52355784_1496917257105267_7776090198382739456_n
  2. Place the fabric under the machine and sew a 1cm seam along the raw edge of the fabric.  Remove the pins as you go so that you avoid sewing over them and breaking your needle. (Make sure you do a few reverse stitches at the beginning and end of your sewing to keep the seam secure). 51922862_244265329815156_2849965904773513216_n
  3. Turn the fabric through to the right side (if you have trouble you may need to use the chop sticks to assist you in turning it through).
  4. Pin one safety pin through one end of the elastic.
  5. With the other end of the elastic pin the safety pin through the elastic and one end of the fabric tube (this will keep the elastic in place as you thread the other end through).  52188055_1053953584792002_3805516976181215232_n
  6. Hold the safety pin at the end of the unsecured elastic and carefully thread it through the tube of the scrunchie. 51973141_250907055842396_1757145359303311360_n51869022_2203816819869675_1414251890698354688_n
  7. Once the elastic has poked through the other end of the scrunchie, grab hold of it and whilst holding it tightly release the other end of the elastic from the safety pin.
  8. Put both ends of the elastic together and tie them together in a knot. You now have a loop of elastic inside the scrunchie tube. 52723268_2063027110481097_98479305129984000_n
  9. Gently bring the ends of the scrunchie tube together and place one tube inside the other to overlap 1.5cm.
  10. fold in the raw edge of the outside tube (approximately 1cm) and make sure it is wrapped around the inside tube.
  11. Secure together with a pin. 52585220_603502880073733_5321810808726880256_n
  12. Place the fabric securely under the presser foot of the machine and then remove the pin.  Sew about 0.5cm from the edge along the edge of the scrunchie. Turn the scrunchie around and sew along the edge again (do this about 4 times).

Congratulations! You have just sewn your first scrunchie.We hope you feel amazing that you have made something on your sewing machine.  Now it's time to make more and share them amongst your friends and family.We would love to see your amazing makes, you can tag us on Instagram Stitch Bake Craft Make or on Facebook Stitch Bake Craft MakeHere's to many more scrunchie sewing days ahead.Happy SewingGisella and her little munchkins


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